A minimal activity license can be renewed over the phone with a credit or debit card by calling 615-443-2627. That's up from the roughly 20 driver's license transactions a day the office saw before it started issuing REAL IDs in August. Wilson County Clerk’s Office Procedures during COVID – 19. The Tennessee Tower's express station draws traffic but isn't among the busiest driver services centers, said Wesley Moster of the Tennessee Department of Safety & Homeland Security. The deadline to fully cover the new Identification cards is set to October 2021, from that date, every State will have to start issuing the new REAL ID for all the legal residents in the States to allow them to move around the States in a commercial aircraft. If your card has one of the following marks (Check Image below), it may comply with the REAL ID standards, but if you are not sure that your ID is compliant with the REAL ID Identification card please look for assistance. But many were there to get a REAL ID, a new federally required driver's license that has higher security standards. Search REAL ID offices in Tennessee by county. INFORMATION ABOUT THE ONGOING NOVEL CORONAVIRUS OUTBREAK. DOS & DOR Locations near Wilson County Clerk MV Services. Your California Privacy Rights / Privacy Policy. watercraft. We ask at this time that you please use our online services listed below.

Please bear in mind that from October 1st, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), will only accept the Identification cards and Driving licenses that comply with the REAL ID standards and are issued by a REAL ID compliant State. Your current ID with full name and date of birth - Passport if you are from a foreign country with a valid VISA. They want to help inhibit terrorists, they take very seriously the possibility of these ones trying to avoid detection by using fraudulent IDs, so that is why the Real ID project is a very good idea on coordination between States to help prevent these kinds of situations. In order to facilitate the treatment and containment of COVID-19, Governor Lee issued Executive Order No. Fortunately, a list of motor vehicle-related services is included among other essential details. Wilson County Residents Only. The state has been testing a pilot program that will allow residents to receive text message updates and make appointments online. Before REAL IDs were issued, a busy day was about 25 to 35 standard driver's license renewals, Gupton said. passports. The Department of Homeland Security is working really hard to help and assist all the different territories for them to be able to issue the new REAL ID cards by the deadline. Many county clerks offices that take on driver's license services are able to retain a $4 fee for each transaction, providing them a financial incentive. The Cheatham County clerk's office has to stop accepting REAL ID candidates at 2 p.m. "It's getting really hectic and overwhelming, but we try and accommodate everyone who comes in," Gupton said. ccording to the DHS and TSA, before October 1st, all American citizens and residents will be allowed to board a flight with their current ID card or driver's license. All rights reserved. Norene, TN. The Division of Air Pollution Control will update this notice with details as to when vehicle emissions testing services will resume in the near future. State By State: Differences In How States Handle Driver’s License Renewals, Washington State Passes New Distracted Driving Law That Bans Holding a Cellphone While Driving. For information on REAL IDs visit www.TNRealID.Gov. If you are planning to cross borders between the States and Mexico or Canada, please bear in mind that the REAL ID is not accepted to cross the border, nor even works as a valid ID to travel in an International cruise, a passport instead will be necessary to allow you to make this international travel. Due to Covid-19 concerns the Mayor has asked that we close all offices to the public. The State agencies will require the following documentation for all these american citizens or legal american residents who apply for the REAL ID card. REAL IDs or an acceptable alternative like a U.S. passport or military ID will be required by October to fly on a commercial flight or visit federal facilities as a federally mandated higher security measure. Driver Services Provided at this location are for class D and DM ONLY: ***All required documents must be with you at the time of your appointment. Further complicating matters, the state's own website lacks information about what counties can help. DMV.com is a privately owned website that is not affiliated with any government agencies. © 2020 www.realidinfo.net - realidinfo.net is a privately owned website that Is not owned or affiliated with any government agencies. But Shaw said other counties do not provide the $4 fee to the clerk and instead send it to the local government's budget, leaving less incentive to offer driver's license services. After October 1st 2021, if you plan to fight and you don't have a passport (which may be another valid way to identify yourself to the authorities), keep in mind that the boarding will be denied and you will not be able to pass through the checkpoint at the airport, as the regular ID card will not longer be accepted and a REAL ID will be mandatory to be able to board. If you have not been previously issued a Tennessee driver license or ID, visit: One of our full-service Driver Services Centers; After being issued your first REAL ID compliant credential, you may renew online, use a Self-Service Kiosk or visit a County Clerk … The REAL ID Act has been modified with some additions to it, so if you are not sure you are entitled to have this Identification card, we recommend you to ask for assistance to you local State Agency or to visit the DHS website. Your safety is our top concern. Full Service Stations: Offer testing services along with basic services such as Driver License issuance, ID issuance, MVR, vision testing, knowledge and skills testing, and handgun permits. Reach Andy Humbles at ahumbles@tennessean.com or 615-726-5939 and on Twitter @AndyHumbles.

Not all county clerks offices on the above list are able to provide REAL ID services.

The Department of Homeland Security, in some cases, will allow some Special REAL IDs to non citizens or immigrants with no documentation, always with the difference that these cards will be marked with some other characteristics, symbols or color. Wilson and Cheatham counties are the only two county clerk offices in the immediate Nashville region that issue REAL IDs to assist the state’s 44 driver services centers, which are often overwhelmed. Wilson County Clerk’s office will be closed until further notice. To find your local Tennessee DMV location, select a city or county from the lists below or by using the provided map. Renewals of handgun permits (8 year Renewals only. Every American citizen must have a REAL ID card or an Identification card that is compliant with the REAL ID model. But few Tennesseans know about the option. Proof of a Social Security number requires one document that can include: • a W-2 form issued within the last year; Proof of Tennessee residence requires two documents that can include: • a home utility bill issued in the last four months; • a current Tennessee vehicle registration or certificate of title; • a current Tennessee voter registration card; • an IRS tax return issued within the last year; • a bank statement issued within the last four months; • a payroll check stub issued within the last four months; • a current homeowner or renter insurance policy; • a current automobile, life or health insurance policy; • a receipt for personal property or real estate taxes paid in the last year; • installment loans, including for automobiles, student loans or bank loans; • current employer verification of residence documents; • a current Tennessee handgun carry permit.

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