These deep-rooted Franco-Ontarian communities promote […] This is a list of francophone communities in the Canadian province of Ontario.Municipalities with a high percentage of French-speakers in Ontario are listed.. Franco-Ontarians constitute the largest French-speaking community in Canada outside Quebec. Pages dans la catégorie « Ville de l'Ontario avec une importante population francophone » Cette catégorie contient les 74 pages suivantes. According to the province of Ontario, there are 622,415 francophones in Ontario, making up 4.7 per cent of the province's population. The provincial average of Ontarians whose mother tongue is French is 4.1%, with a total of 549,000 people in Ontario who identify French as their mother tongue in 2016. However, the following figure is derived from the province's "Inclusive Definition of Francophones," (IDF) which includes respondents from the 2016 Canadian Censuswho reported French as their mother tongue; and respondents whose mother tongue was not French, but ha… After 1910, they began arriving from Quebec and sometimes Acadia to farm the land or work in forests and mines. Roughly half of Cochrane District’s 80,000 residents are Francophones who live in Hearst, Kapuskasing, Timmins, Cochrane, and a string of towns along the Trans-Canada Highway (Ontario Highway 11) northwest from Sudbury.