All of whom soon turn out to be using her to varying degrees. According to Westbrook, actors Mike Reid and Barbara Windsor who both appeared as Frank and Peggy Butcher were keen to have her back on the cast too.

This works successfully, and Sam even congratulates Chrissie for getting payback on Den – telling her "You're quite a bitch, ain't ya!". Do you know who she is?' "[33] In an interview with media website Digital Spy, Santer discussed the reasoning behind his decision to reintroduce Sam: "What makes Sam interesting for me is that she's Ricky's first love and first wife. I admit that had I begged the producers to let me stay this time I doubt if they would have allowed me to. He just played the game very well. "[9] Another fling followed with abusive Trevor Morgan, played by Alex Ferns. The soap was now being shown four times a week and it was impossible to balance the workload with my addiction [...] Not only had [cocaine] destroyed my nose, but it was about to destroy my career again as well [...] The producers were tiring of my behaviour [...] When I did leave the production at the end of 1999 it was in fact a fairly mutual decision. Beppe is reluctant, but a sympathetic Sam allows her, which leads to Beppe lashing out at her. [35][36] On 26 August a trailer was released to promote the character's return, noted for its similarity to the opening credits of Secret Diary of a Call Girl. Well, it's Sam. [4], As the casting team had successfully cast the actors who were playing Sam's brothers, they already knew what facial attributes they needed for Sam to create a similar family resemblance.

He commented, 'The rot set in around the time when one of the show's female leads, Sam, metamorphosed from introspective beauty into oestrogen-fuelled Al Caponette, making Billy burn down Den's club. [6] Westbrook was given the part.

Back in Walford Sam tries to continue her fling with David and when this goes nowhere she tries to come between Ricky and his girlfriend, Bianca Jackson (Patsy Palmer). Sam Mitchell. Sam leaves but, fearful of bringing up her baby alone, she seduces Minty, who still loves her, suggesting he goes with her.

In both her 1996 and 2000 exits, Sam was written out earlier than the producers intended due to off-screen controversies surrounding Westbrook. In the storyline, Den Watts had been responsible for Sam losing the pub, and so Sam teamed up with Den's scorned wife, Chrissie Watts, and Zoe Slater, who had also been scorned by Den.

She's a user, able to get almost anyone to do what she wants. Almost six years later, Sam returns to Walford alongside Richard, now nicknamed Ricky (Henri Charles), in June 2016, to attend Peggy's funeral. [53], 1999–2000: Second reintroduction and axing, EastEnders Revealed – A Year In The Life Of Sam Mitchell, "Picture: Sam Mitchell's going for a thong", "The digested read: The Other Side of Nowhere by Daniella Westbrook", "Danniella gets the chop from Albert Square", "Danniella desperate for Albert Square return", "DANNIELLA FACES DAILY DRUG TESTS AT BEEB", "SHE SWALLOWED SIX PACKETS OF PARACETAMOL", "Danniella Westbrook's 'EastEnders' Return Denied By Bosses, Despite 'Loose Women' Claims", "My nose is just a disgrace..I hate it and I'm finally having it fixed", "BEWITCHED BY KIM: The Actress Who Plays the New 'Sam, "WEDDING TALK: 'I'm happier as the bridesmaid, not the bride, "Walford in mourning as EastEnders hit new low", "Medcalf and Ryan quitting 'EastEnders'? She immediately causes a stir by drawing attention to herself and reignites her feud with Bianca. She likes the danger aspect — the thrill of the chase. Her return would coincide with that of Ross Kemp as her brother Grant and the final appearance from Barbara Windsor as their mother Peggy. Fifteen-year-old Sam follows her brothers to Walford in July 1990, unhappy at home because she dislikes their mother's boyfriend, Kevin Masters (Colin McCormack).

"[8] She has added that Sam has a problem with women, as she "finds it quite hard to relate". When she returns on her release, it's with a lot of grudges and a big secret.

According to Ferns, the relationship started because Trevor wanted to make his wife, Little Mo (Kacey Ainsworth) jealous.

[4] Later in the month, Sam and Ricky had a more official "grand church blessing" with their families in attendance. By the time Eric died when Sam was ten, she was subsequently on the receiving end of her two older brothers', Phil (Steve McFadden) and Grant's (Ross Kemp), heavy-handed paternalism.[1]. Rather than killing [Sam] off they sent her to Spain, once again leaving the door open for her to return [...] There was no official line as to why I was leaving, and when the announcement was made [...] they were kind enough to let me say in interviews that I was going because I wanted 'a change of direction'. The actress quit in 1993, but Sam was reintroduced from 1995 to 1996 and from 1999 to 2000.

As Chrissie has possession of The Queen Vic following Den's death, Sam blackmails her – threatening to unveil Chrissie as Den's killer unless she gives her the pub.