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through District Salmon Fishery Boards. Salmon fishing rights are heritable titles, which may be held with or separate from the land, and carry with them the subsidiary right to fish for trout and other freshwater fish. variations in the permitted fishing season. for streams into the many Island lochs after a bit of rain to
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Many rivers in A live stream of stories about fishing, conservation, and news from the Fisher guide network. The salmon fishing is at its best from June onwards and around 700 salmon can be taken in a season, with an average weight of around ten pounds. A national rod licence is not required in Scotland. permit on many club waters at short notice and usually at The River Teviot flows through rich farmland bordered by deciduous woodland, to join the River Tweed at Kelso. Fishing with fly or spinner only is permitted and the use of worm, shrimp or prawn is not allowed.