It should not take a lot of time. Three soft cloths When looking the right and left weights on the grandfather clock in do you look at the grandfather clock from the front or the back. Oaks Clocks is your local clock repair shop. I don’t want it moved. Do the exact opposite if the clock is moving too fast., They will be able to fix this for you. We double-checked and the chimes are turned on. The clock casings are designed in hardwoods, cherry, maple and oak.

When cleaning grandfather clocks, always begin from the top. The hands should tighten easily through a simple adjustment. How Can We Help? If the clock is not level, this will also happen.

3) Start the pendulum swinging with a mild push of the hand and make sure your pendulum is swinging freely and not touching the chime rods or weights. The Ridgeway grandfather clock story is one many decades in the making. Heirloom Plate.

This may have an adverse effect on the pendulum. 2) Check the leveling of the grandfather clock. Ref: my post on three weights at the same height- I bet it is dragging on the weights or chime rods. It sat in my parents house, not running, for 10+ years. Hold the rod and slightly move it back and forth away from the pendulum area. You should also avoid moving the clock alone; you might end up banging it against the wall. Now your clock is chiming properly indicating the correct hour. Sometimes it may take several times to get it right. Level the clock on its four levelers if the clock stops running. You will need a technician to repair as it is not a user adjustment. Make sure your adjustable levers under each corner are fully retracted and then try it again. A crossed cable is where the cable is overlapping inside the cable drum and stopping the clock. My Grandfather Clock has Stopped, Can I Fix It? The start of this clock making business dates back to 1920’s America when the annual salary was $1,236 and the Dow Jones Industrial Average hit 100. Open the glass and push gently on the dial. Isn’t its purpose only to increase the length of the pendulum visually in the clock case? The center weight controls the time, consequently the center weight will continue to drop in the silent time.

Manuals & Warranties. Good Luck, Do you have any suggestions? Good Luck, Robert.

The automatic -night-shut-off feature ensures the clock stops chiming after 10:00pm and begins again at 7:15am. Hi I just moved my clock in my suv, now the chime rods are in the way of the pendulum, it stops the pendulum from swinging, first are the chime rods suppose to be behind the pendulum or in front, Hi Carmen,

Family of Companies. Hi Reggie..What has happened is your cable for the middle weight for your key wind grandfather clock is probably crossed. Try setting the beat with the pendulum off. When cleaning and repairing a grandfather clock, you need to be careful about hitting the pendulum. World War I had been over for several years and America was working to hit their stride once more. Factory Authorized Service Center for Sligh Clocks, Howard Miller Clocks, Ridgeway Clocks, Ethan Allen Clocks. Make sure you are also getting an even tick-tock when the pendulum is moving. The pendulum swings between the chime rods and the weights.

This might be caused by the front to back leveling of the grandfather clock. To make cleaning easier, move the clock some distance from the wall.

All other marks contained herein are the property of their respective owners. You can go to: I have a key wound grandfather clock it has a pendulum it stopped working after I wound it all the way up when i push the pendulum it only ticks on one side is there something we can do to fix it, Hi Scott,

After you have checked out the simple problems, we will look into more complicated problems that come up with your movement. Repairing a grandfather clock requires patience and careful handling on your part.

This is what they suggested and it worked. You should start by moving the pendulum hanger in the direction where it should have ticked until you fell some resistance and then just a bit further in the direction…then try again. If we move the hands it will chime but the pendulum will not keep swinging so it does not keep time, any help will be much appreciated, Hi Tracy, Hi Wendy, Digital Image Gallery. If it still touches the chime rod, the rod will be to be bent back to the pendulum may swing freely on your clock. Make sure the pendulum is not rubbing or touching anything as it swings.

Help Center. When the grandfather clock is not working after a move, there are a few problems to look for that can be easily fixed. If your clock does have a moon dial, you might want to advance the moondial the number of days you were gone if you wish to keep the lunar phase display accurate. I’m glad I read your article because listening to the clock on a regular basis should give us a good idea of whether the clock needs to be repaired!

Thanks, Hi Tommy, Check your leveling first and if the leveling is good, it is probably a distorted suspension spring.

Robert. Dealer Services Registration. I can Pocking around the drum while the weight is on could result in the weight falling through the floor of the clock. The clock has not been move for many years and until the last 2 weeks has been running perfectly. I’m thinking there is a deeper problem. Within the last month, the grandfather clock has stopped working with the pendulum is striking the weight on the right side. Robert. Glass cleaner (no ammonia) These factors are similar to those you might use to determine which business to select from a local Yellow Pages directory, including proximity to where you are searching, expertise in the specific services or products you need, and comprehensive business information to help evaluate a business's suitability for you.

Safety Strap. Trust Village Center with your Ridgeway Grandfather Clock maintenance. This is very common after a grandfather clock has been moved from one location to another. If it winds down all the way, you should be able to wind it up normally and place the pendulum back on and it may be fine. That makes the Ridgeway grandfather clock, the oldest continuously produced grandfather clock brand in the United States. Tonight 24 hrs or more, it does the same thing.

Grab another clean piece of cloth. Good Luck, ​If everything checked out and the clock movement will not stay swinging, it is time to look at the clocks movement. Our History. If it does not you may need to set the beat of the clock. All models also feature full chime silence if you prefer the clock to be silent during the day. Locations for Civil Engineers in Abilene TX, Locations for Indian Restaurants in Cocoa Beach FL, Cottonwood Clinical Service Inc Farmington, SureStay Plus Hotel by Best Western Pensacola Pensacola, DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Baltimore North - Pikesville Pikesville. I purchased a herschede grandfather clock and the pendulum and extension was supplied but this illustration helped me to connect it all up correctly!! If you’re repairing a grandfather clock’s moon dial, start by checking the phase. Grandfather CLock Repair THIS INFORMATION IS PROVIDED FOR A "MODERN DAY" GRANDFATHER CLOCK, OR GRANDMOTHER CLOCK. Robert. (Looking straight into the clock front.) We recently moved it to my house and upon inspecting it, I discovered that the suspension spring was broken. My guess is the grandfather clock is not level in its new home. Position the weights properly to see if it’ll help the clock run. Oaks Clocks professionally repairs cuckoo clocks, grandfather clocks, mantle clocks, ships clocks, wall clocks, and antique clocks. Get another clean cloth and spray a bit of the glass cleaner on it. Take off the wax you applied. Please keep in mind that at some point in the 1970-90's, there were several grandfather clock manufacturers in the US. Search results are sorted by a combination of factors to give you a set of choices in response to your search criteria. I would suggest getting a tech to remove all the old oil and clean it…then oil it with a good clock oil. I have asked someone to check it and service it but he doesn’t show very much hope because it is so old. It hangs from the top. If the clock won’t run, verify the hands are clearing each other. What can I do? After a few turns around the dial, the side weights are about 2” down and swing freely.