Many facilities limit the number of visitors therefore inmate have to narrow down the list of potential visitors. Many jails are now contracting with a third party service (for a fee) that is less expensive and allows your inmate to use their phone system to make direct calls to your land line or cell phone. 706-629-1244. What is the Maximum Amount I can Deposit in an Inmate's Account? State. To do this you will need the inmate's offender # (inmate ID #) and full legal name. 376. Privacy Policy If you think you will get released quickly, they will let you wear your street clothes, but if you are not expected to make bail quickly you will be issued a jail uniform. 706-629-1244 . Click here to view the jail website for additional information. The prisoner must add you to their visitor list before you book a visit. Booking a prison visit online is simple as it takes about 5 minutes of your time. Anybody can contribute to an inmate's books or commissary fund as long as there isn't a no-contact order in place. When you arrive just make sure you take it off before going through the metal detector so it doesn’t go off. After the visitor has been approved by the correctional facility they need to check with their inmate on what days they are allowed to visit. Sometimes an inmate's commissary money is used to purchase items to pay gambling debts or purchase prescription medicine from another inmate. Victims have the right to speak at criminal justice proceedings. If you currently use a cell phone, VoIP phone, you won’t be able to collect calls from your inmate as these carriers don’t have the service of collect calls. Call 706-629-1244 or click here to see if email services are being offered at this jail and if so, how to sign up you and your inmate. Gordon County Jail Address: 2700 U.S. 41 North, Calhoun, GA 30701 Phone: (706) 629-1244. Video Visit is a convenient way to connect with your inmate without traveling to the prison or writing an inmate, these video visits can be conducted at home from your Laptop or Android mobile device as it saves you time and expense. This can save you time by letting you view your email from your smart phone, computer, or tablet, whenever you wish. Photos and Videos of Gordon County Jail . A growing number of jails now offer email services to inmates and their families. How Does An Inmate Make A Phone Call From Gordon County Jail? Always send a Money Order from the US Post Office, a reputable bank or Western Union. Visitors are required to show valid photo ID at the check-in. Some jails have contract agreements with third party Commissary companies that ship predetermined Care Packages of candy and snacks. Jail Visitation Process for the Gordon County Jail Following these instructions exactly will enhance your chances of getting official approval to visit an inmate. Gordon County Jail and others often use a private company to process all online deposits to an inmate's account. The Sheriff’s Office provides security for all courts, processes court orders, patrols county neighborhoods, manages the community service program, and operates the 376 bed county jail. Call Gordon County Jail at 706-629-1244 or click here to learn the Inmate Account deposit limits and other rules regarding depositing money on an inmate's books. The jail's address and phone number. The bail amount is typically 10-15% of the bond amount set by the court. (except for medical reasons, subject to approval by a Superintendent); Lighters, matches, candles, incense, aerosol-pressure spray can; Metal cutlery / glass bottles or glass containers, non-transparent lunch boxes; Colours / patches / gang identification and associated clothing; Paint, pens and highlighters with non-transparent casing, scissors, knitting needles; Tattooing materials, tools, weights, magnet / magnetic devices. Inmate Search If the search form below is not displayed, click here. The Gordon City Jail was built in 1962. Each correctional facility has its own rules on visitation, commissary, and mail. The standard monthly limit an inmate can spend is between $300 and $400. Make the Money Order out to the inmate's name and put their Inmate ID# in memo section of the Money Order. The Inmate must register their families on the list which needs to be approved by the Gordon County Jail. Inmate Search, Booking Information & Mugshots. Correctional officers will also let you know if you’re going over the boundaries as well. In general, this list includes: Georgia, Inmate Care Packages, Murray CountyInmate Care PackagesFebruary 7, 2020, Chatham County, Georgia, Inmate Care PackagesInmate Care PackagesFebruary 7, 2020, Georgia, Inmate Care PackagesInmate Care PackagesFebruary 7, 2020, Georgia, Inmate Care Packages, Miller CountyInmate Care PackagesFebruary 7, 2020, Georgia, Inmate Care Packages, Randolph CountyInmate Care PackagesFebruary 7, 2020, Coweta County, Georgia, Inmate Care PackagesInmate Care PackagesFebruary 7, 2020.