For example, removing and withdrawing water and discharging substances, particularly waste water, constitute uses that require an official permit or approval. var span = document.getElementById('enkoder_1_197590134');
The Länder can also determine whether applications must be submitted within specified deadlines and how long the proceedings should last. The Radiological Protection Regulation contains approval and reporting obligations for other radiation-producing activities and work (Section 3 of the Regulation). practical information and help to EUbusiness members, with your brand

span.parentNode.removeChild(span); The Federal Environment Agency (UBA) is Germany’s central federal authority on environmental matters. Some plants listed in the Regulation on plants requiring a permit (4th BImSchV) require immission control approval before they can be built and operated (Sections 4, 6 BImSchG). The Federal Environmental Agency For humanity and the environment: to preserve nature as the foundation of life, for future generations as well, and to promote environmental thinking and action as a matter of course – that is the goal of the Federal Environmental Agency (Umweltbundesamt, UBA) in … 2 and Art. Umweltbundesamt. /* --> */ or email sales. UBA - Federal Environment Agency. Such obligations apply for example to packaging materials, old cars, batteries, oil and electrical appliances. The conditions and procedures for granting permits and exercising the supervision are laid down in the Atomic Energy Act (AtG). UBA is a partner and point of contact in Germany for a number of international institutions, for instance the European Environment Agency. General information on chemicals can be found on the relevant web pages of the Federal Ministry of the Environment and the Federal Environment Agency: Chemicals at the Federal Ministry of the Environment, Chemicals at the Federal Environment Agency. Promote your services by providing your own The Environmental Protection Agency protects people and the environment from significant health risks, sponsors and conducts research, and develops and enforces environmental regulations. The REACH helpdesk is connected to the equivalent national information centres in the other Member States. 2 Para. Umweltportal Deutschland (German environmental information portal). Along with the BImSchG, the Regulation laying down the approval procedure (9thBImSchV) should be observed. The submission deadline is extended until 31.05.
Acts or Regulations) relating to product responsibility may stipulate that manufacturers and distributors, and some private systems, must take back end-of-life products., Contact : Sabine Duquesne and Joern Wogram: ecotoxicologists, ecologists, risk assessors

span.parentNode.removeChild(span); Mechanistic Effect Models for Ecological Risk Assessment of Chemicals, Federal Environment Agency- UBA (Germany) Business must comply with various Acts and Regulations in relation to water conservancy. The practical and judicial competences may therefore vary from one federal state to another. In the area of radiation protection, the responsibility rests with the highest federal state authorities and the other bodies subordinate to them within the Länder. In addition to research activities, the enforcement of environmental law and providing information to the general public about environmental protection issues are key areas of our daily work. In particular, it is up to the individual federal states to decide which authorities should be responsible for implementing the Water Management Act, what procedures should be followed. The UBA is in charge of the environmental risk assessment and therefore processes applications for approval presented by manufacturers, assesses  the risks that PPP may pose to the environment and proposes risk management options, if necessary. (links). Under the devolution of competences laid down in the German constitution, water management is a matter for the Länder. } var span = document.getElementById('enkoder_0_274950525');