To facilitate processing of this permit application, the following are enclosed: I. Application for an emergency permit for construction seaward of the CCCL due to a shoreline emergency. Required by Section 3109 of the Florida Building Code for habitable structures built seaward of a CCCL to ensure the lowest horizontal structural member of such structures is located above the local 100-year storm elevation.

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To determine the permit fee required for a CCCL application (please print this completed form and send in with payment). EMC 0000005240 00000 n 1 g Must be submitted to the Department when the foundation only is completed to receive approval to continue the work.

To be completed and submitted to the Department at least once every year after conversion of a permit to the maintenance phase. f 0.5 0.5 17 17 re FDEP_PreApp_CCCL.docx v1 2012-03-16 10:00 AM Page 1 of 1 To obtain a pre-application letter stating your project does not contravene any Land Development codes you will need to supply the following information and documents. endstream endobj 167 0 obj <>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text]>>/Subtype/Form/Type/XObject>>stream endstream endobj 163 0 obj <>/Subtype/Form/Type/XObject>>stream EMC 0 (Processed pursuant to Chapter 62B-33.014, F.A.C. H��� H��� 0.75293 g

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Must be submitted to the Department upon completion of the project construction to authorize continued maintenance operations. To get guidance on an Individual Administrative Permit, a General Permit, an Emergency Permit, or a Dune Core Permit, please see our CCCL Permit Application Guidelines document. 0 0 18 18 re

(Processed pursuant to Chapter 62B-34, F.A.C.). Applicant Name (i.e., John Smith): Applicant Company: Site Name (enter full or partial name): Application Number: Contact The Office of Public Services whenever you have questions or concerns about the permit … Permit Application Under Review: Site Name: Goodbread Mobile Home Park WWTF: FDEP Office: NORTHEAST DISTRICT: Florida County: Nassau: Permit Type: Water - Domestic Wastewater Type III (less than 10,000 gpd) Wastewater Treatment Plant Permit: Application Number: FL0032662-008: Applicant Name: Charlotte Weisz: Applicant Company: Weisz real Estate and Maintenance, Inc. 0000004278 00000 n Used by the applicant to grant the Department a time waiver from taking agency action on an individual administrative permit application within 90 days of a completed application pursuant to Florida law.

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0 0 18 18 re A description of the proposed work. 0000000016 00000 n 2. endstream endobj 169 0 obj <>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text]>>/Subtype/Form/Type/XObject>>stream Word: | ), such as in Florida’s Big Bend region and in the Florida Keys, coastal construction is prohibited within 50 feet of the line of mean high water except by waiver or variance of the 50-foot setback requirements pursuant to Section 161.052, F.S., which requires a CCCL … endstream endobj 168 0 obj <>/Subtype/Form/Type/XObject>>stream Coastal Construction Control Line Program Quick Links . 1 g BACKGROUND By way of background, the General Permitting provisions were adopted by Florida Statute in 1996; strangely, somewhat an outgrowth of response to Hurricane Opal in 1995 as a means of reducing overall statewide permitting workload by simplifying (and accelerating) CCCL permits for low-impact construction which … H���

The vision of the Florida Department of Environmental Protection is to create strong community partnerships, safeguard Florida’s natural resources and enhance its ecosystems. Permit Application Under Review: Site Name: ST R-047 S0150/S0260: FDEP Office: TALLAHASSEE HEADQUARTERS: Florida County: SARASOTA: Permit Type: Water - Beaches CCCL General Permit: Application Number: ST002289 GP: Applicant Name: Applicant Company: SIESTA KEY RESORT X LLC: Application Received: SEP-04-2020: Current Processing Status : FDEP … /Tx BMC Excel: Contact Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Get Information About the Volkswagen Settlement, Florida Mitigation Fund, Protect the Environment from Solid and Hazardous Wastes, Environmental Accountability and Transparency, Office of Resilience and Coastal Protection, Coastal Construction Control Line Program, Coastal Construction Control Line Emergency Permits, Florida Beaches Habitat Conservation Plan, All Coastal Construction Control Line Program Content. A ropy of the reconted wananty deed. 0000000696 00000 n

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CCCL fees must be submitted via mail or hand delivered, as an on-line payment system is not available to collect processing fees. To insure the responsible entity shall establish a standby trust fund as is required when a surety bond is used to provide financial assurance. /Tx BMC endstream endobj startxref 6 20 2�ۇ�2��h�����WQ'y䡵��{'��5މ�4�����O���. 1D���)�Yw�������� �)z���� �y�T���s�Riu�}a�J�M��~Xa�����ӣ���v?>hY�'ƌ$�8�h5���Zv���e�q