To prompt as large a response as possible, as many hours of overtime, as many separate riot vans and dismounting and bullrushes as possible.

Whether the city council enacts it or not, “we” as movements or as communities will need to create community security by direct action. Commissioner Sharon Meieran said the idea just makes too much sense. In the Portland-story that follows, we discern ways in which those features are present here and now, as well. This approach allows groups to see who agrees on a proposal, to work to refine and broaden it, but also in parallel to support those that already agree to act on their agreement right away, even if others disagree. Sometimes, a group tries to put it out, and sometimes succeeds.

The newness of the organizing means that people are much less encumbered by the successes and many failures of the long-term Portland radical scene. ", City Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty, who has been spearheading reforms at the city level, was noncommittal about the idea. Portland Police Association head Daryl Turner told the Tribune that the idea would be incredibly complex, and could have potentially "catastrophic" consequences unless it is fully thought through. Once any such limits are put in place, it becomes harder to suddenly shift the repertoire to accommodate deeper forms of insurrection.

Wherever a struggle draws all different sorts of people in, “composition” refers to the sensitivity, modesty, and tactical intelligence that can allow various segments, functions, and participant groups to articulate and coordinate well enough to act together without a single leadership, line, or identity.
We see two patterns at the heart of it. This is a much messier process than a definitive “yes” or “no,” appropriate for all cases, which would then be enforced by a class of protest police, or an anti-protest-police squad. The goal here is to model an open-handed, non-purist, and practical mode of thinking seriously about our situation. It’s fuzzy at its edges, overlapping and linking with many who don’t see themselves as radical, which is one of its strengths. What do we do‭? The continual stacking of ruptures in 2020—COVID-19, the uprising, fires, Trumpism: we live in deeply unpredictable conditions, and we all know it. City councilors decided to cut the GVRT, along with $15 million from the PPB's budget for the next fiscal year.

And while structural racism means that much remains very different among us, and mistakes continue to be made, the shared experience of repeated collective brutality on the part of the police, night after night, deepens our relations.

In each case, we are dealing with a process whereby street conflicts preside over the emergence of a shared sensibility regarding what is acceptable and unacceptable, that establishes agreements by identifying appropriate behaviors and maintaining these criteria in practice over a sustained time. His is a complex story, but the various emergent narratives since his death share key elements. Despite concerted efforts from the mainstream media, the conservative middle-class Black establishment, and the parodic national discourse, the protests in the streets remain broadly popular in Portland—far more popular than the police or the mayor.

What has happened? PPB reports to the city's Police Commissioner, who is currently Wheeler, while MCSO reports to an independently elected sheriff. The moment we arrived near the cops, it was thrown with no warning. But the takeover was itself called out by Black radicals for making a buck out of the movement, and turning violence on comrades.‭ ‬Many newly woke folks lacked clarity on how to follow Black voices,‭ ‬while still making critical choices among them.‭ ‬Others,‭ ‬clear on who to listen to,‭ ‬still had little idea what to do. He said the GVRT's considerably low numbers when it came to use of force were of particular interest to other police departments, who hoped to mirror the team's success. Many non-Black participants in the streets no doubt began as stereotypical progressives with more “Black Lives Matter” signs than Black friends, more familiar with college-style anti-oppression language than with the Black radical tradition.

The cat-and-mouse with cops through downtown becomes a familiar routine.
On Wednesday, Portland saw a … The Portland Protest Bureau, frequenting the westside, absorbs some of their number. October 20 2020 The idea has gone from a fringe idea with no serious traction, to an active proposal to blend PPB … At one level, this is a limitation. It means knowing all of us will make mistakes, and that those most likely to stumble are those most recently arrived, who are also those we must welcome and support in growing, most of all. Quality local journalism takes time and money. Obviously, burning an empty precinct is fine. Was the fire at Mid-K Beauty Supply legit? But it has also cost the police, dearly. Data from the Portland Police Bureau shows 341 shootings were recorded in Portland from the start of July through the end of September.

Over the coming days and weeks multiple actions take place daily all around town. When no one has the monopoly on violence, but everyone is responsible to address harm, then “community security” is about people taking responsibility for their understanding of shared practices, and gathering support for enacting them among others. The ‘freedom’ of moderns is an ideal tailored to the experience of the supermarket, of subcultural branding, of media-on-demand. It will be a contest of wills, of power, in the streets themselves, where the consequences can be more clearly seen. As for what “this” is that we do each night, what “shit” we don’t see, and how exactly we “got” each other—each person will invoke their own referents. Dropping out, being in motion against the State, refusing identities or ideologies: as far as they go, they are all framed as being against the existing regime, tied to its limitations.

Another, Lorenzo, started Riot Ribs.

But there are tremendous benefits as well. Firstly, it runs security risks: people don’t want to be talking in a big group about this sort of stuff. Multnomah County Commissioner Sharon Meieran is urging local officials to explore the idea of merging the beleaguered Police Bureau with the Multnomah County Sheriff's Office, effectively eliminating the city-only police force.