Products manufactured in Hong Kong that meet the CEPA origin rules enjoy zero tariff for import into the Mainland. PRINTED ON CO FORM (PINK) AT THE CHAMBER’S PREMISES, Before 3.00pm – Within 2 hours on the same day, After 3.00pm    – 8.30am onwards on the next working day, After 3.00pm    – 9.30am onwards on the next working day. In the US, the certificate of origin form requires an authorized signature of the secretary of the local Chamber of Commerce along with the organization’s seal. 6 locations, comprehensive online services at Applicant(s) can choose to print their approved eCO at the SCCCI Certificate of Origin Offices. Approved eCO is digitally stamped, signed and dated. Special rates are offered to Full members and CO subscribers, Subject to consignment check, documentary proof may be exempted, Professional Trade Certification & Facilitation Services, Certificates for Non-Hong Kong Made Goods, Certificates for Hong Kong Made / Processed Goods, 6 locations, comprehensive online services at, The Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce is authorized by the Hong Kong SAR Government to issue a full range of certificates of origin (CO) under Protection of Non-Government Certificates of Origin Ordinance Chapter 324, ASEAN - Hong Kong, China Free Trade Agreement Enters into Force, Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement (CEPA). For shipments exported from Mainland China (or other country) to Hong Kong AND re-exported from Hong Kong to overseas. CHKO is applicable for goods which are wholly grown or mined or manufactured in Hong Kong.

Before 10.00am Packing Lists, Commercial Invoices, Proforma Invoices, etc. Make use of the NAFTA certificate of organization template for Mexican or Canadian destinations if the goods are of a North American origin.

It is normally required by customs, banks and traders for trade formalities. Many exporters or logistics companies in Hong Kong have imports from China, then re-sell or distribute them in whole or in partial. The Chamber provides a full range of CO services for goods of Hong Kong, China or foreign origins. COs are issued in the name of a Hong Kong company. Note: SCCCI has revised operating hours of CO @ Peninsula Plaza, one of the safe distancing measures to reduce physical interactions, Manual CO, Electronic CO (eCO) and other trade documents, 9.00am - 5.30pm SCCCI is one of the declaring agents for the Cargo Clearance Permit (CCP) printout service. Explanatory Notes for Inward Declaration Form 1 October 2019), OPTION A: eCO SELF–PRINTED AT APPLICANT’S PREMISES.

Approved CO is, Applicant(s) can choose to print their approved CO on CO Forms (Pink) at the SCCCI Certificate of Origin Offices. For manual CO application submission, traders are to submit their completed Pink Form together with the supporting documents to the SCCCI CO Office. Certificate of Origin (CO) is an export document to certify the country of manufacture of a shipment.