Elsewhere, alone in a motel and suffering the effects of the Mark of Cain, Dean sees Castiel’s bloody face in a bathroom mirror, then Rudy whom he'd just killed.

The demon leaves Castiel with the blood for the ritual. As Sam and Dean try to break down the door to the room where Samandriel is being tortured, the sounds of the torture trigger a flashback where Castiel remembers Naomi having him tied down to a chair and approaching his eye with an unknown instrument while he screams. Castiel argues that everyone loves something, then touches her forehead and reads her mind to find what that thing is. After he releases the soul, Castiel frees Balthazar before Dean can demand anything else, declaring that his debt to the second angel is cleared. He calls Sam to let him know what Dean's done, and he concludes that Dean is headed back home to the Bunker.

Castiel goes with him, and on the drive, he confesses to Dean that he feels stupid for having believed Lucifer would be able to stop Amara. Castiel refuses to believe her, but takes Dean back to Sam before returning to Heaven to find out the truth for himself. A vortex then erupts outwards and spreads a black ooze throughout the water which vanishes moments later. Cas appears directly in front of Dean while they are still on the phone. Dean tries calling Crowley in the hopes that he will help them find Rowena. Once they're alone, she asks Castiel where Sam and Dean are, so that they can fight the Darkness, which is causing alarms to go in Heaven. Anna denies this, but insists that Sam must die so that Lucifer cannot take him as a vessel. He works to support the efforts of Sam, Dean and Bobby in stopping the battle between Michael and Lucifer. Eve is at the town diner. Dean is angry, and argues with Castiel, trying to convince him to help stop the apocalypse. After Castiel's hand passes through the ghost, he is dragged off by Scooby and Shaggy, and joins the others in a chase throughout the mansion. In Lilith's Chamber, the two find the demon Malfayan raiding Lilith's treasures and Castiel kills the demon after its confirmed that he doesn't have the Crook. In Castiel’s attempt to track down Metatron, he learns of a faction of angels who wanted to live peacefully led by an angel named Rebecca; however they were all killed by Bartholomew. The brothers relay the devastating news to Castiel. This page was last edited on 6 March 2020, at 01:35. The Cosmic Entity tells him that the Empty is the place where all demons and angels go to when they die and sleep for all eternity. He explains that her child's power could bring the universe to its knees, only for Kelly to retort "or lift it to its feet – nothing is born evil." However, when Dick's soul gets dragged to Purgatory, Castiel and Dean are pulled along with him. Upon passing through the portal, Castiel states that he never saw a blossom during his time in Purgatory, meaning it's the only flower in the realm. Sam asks about the Darkness, but Castiel answers that he doesn't know much about it. Castiel teleports in, terrifying Kevin. However, Castiel then realizes that Charlie has already gone off on her own. They look on as the thirty seconds run out and Ramiel uses the Lance of Michael to extinguish the holy fire. Instead, they now have the spell they need to open the rift. Castiel tells Tommy that if he hears from Vince again to call him, giving him his card before he leaves. At the Bunker, Sam explains why he couldn't trap Chuck, and Dean says it's good enough for him. Castiel has realized that if he stays, nothing will ever change so he must return to helping people and end his vacation. Castiel finds Dean asleep and without Sam and startles him. Castiel tells the Winchesters about Anubis, the deity used to determine where a person's soul will end up, but receives a distress call over angel radio that reveals that something has happened in Heaven and all of the gates have been thrown open, even the ones that Metatron closed. A girl comes over and Dean introduces her to Castiel. They pass the orb to Sam, who, after having seen what would happen if they trap God, drops the orb and allows Chuck to crush it and heal their wounds from the Equalizer. He attacks the two angels Zachariah brought with him, killing both with an angel blade. Following a string of deaths that resemble three of the twelve plagues of Egypt, Dean prays to Castiel in the hope that he will be able to answer some of their questions. Dean is dismissive, and Castiel insists more firmly. He tells them not to let him watch them die and to keep fighting, but they refuse to leave him behind, stating that they are fighting for Castiel because he's their family. Castiel refuses, and threatens Crowley if he dares to hurt them. As Lucifer is ejected from President Rooney with the Hyperbolic Pulse Generator, a stream of white light streams out of Rooney’s mouth, swirls around the motel room, and disappears down a heating vent. Samuel comes around and tells them where they can find the demonic prison housing the monsters, though he refuses to take part in the attempt on Crowley. After escaping the cemetery, the group finds the aftermath of an attack by the escaped ghost of Constance Welch and Belphegor suggests a spell to create a mile-wide barrier to contain the escaped ghosts until they can find a solution to deal with them. Castiel looks up and pleads with him. In the aftermath of the rescue of the people from Apocalypse World, Castiel joins the Winchesters and Jack on a werewolf hunt, using his angel powers to listen in on their conversation and killing one with his angel blade. She leads the nervous angel to a back room, leaving behind a bemused Dean. Raphael does not manifest, and hours later Dean and Castiel return to their base in an empty house. Upon returning to Earth, Castiel is enraged to learn that Jack has been tricked into the Ma'lak Box. In Detroit, Castiel has to decide between getting an Enochian tattoo that can ward him from being sensed by angels and getting food and he gets the tattoo, leaving him with no money for food. If he does it incorrectly, Bobby will explode. They regroup at the residence of the infectee, but Castiel soon observes that there is another person inside who looks exactly like the victim. Recognizing that there are issues between Dean and Sam, Castiel yells at them to pull it together and work together on the problem. Enraged by the threat against his friends, Castiel instantly draws his angel blade and kills Dumah before heading off in search of Jack. Donatello warns Castiel that he has absorbed too much power and trying could fry them both, but Castiel is undeterred and stops Donatello from casting a spell before painfully stripping the spell from his mind. When confronted by the three, Anael claims that Lucifer is weak and an easy target, but is lying as she is in league with Lucifer who has powered himself back up a great deal by feeding periodically partially on Anael's grace before allowing it to recharge and then feeding again. Castiel and the Winchesters fight Tamiel, but even together prove no match for him. In an attempt to find the missing Jack, Castiel decides to meet with one of his angel contacts for information, but refuses to let Sam and Dean come along. Castiel remains unconvinced, reminding Sam that he almost died during his grace extraction. After confirming with Rowena that she is the only one who can open Lucifer's Cage, he snaps her neck and imprisons Crowley. Kelly tells him it's her child and hangs up. Outside the motel, Castiel sits on a bench and leans forward, rubbing his forehead. She says that if they did, they would enslave him to make more angels, to Castiel's shock and horror. The past, where you came from, that's important, but it is not as important as the future and where you're going. After discovering that Sam has been drinking demon blood, Dean and Bobby imprison him in Bobby's panic room. Dean demands to know if Castiel was involved in Balthazar's plot to use them as decoys. The Word is dropped, and broken. In Los Angeles, Castiel meets up with Sam and Dean at Vince Vincente's hotel, remarking he is happy for the break from Crowley, who soon arrives. Finally, after the Trickster is revealed to be Gabriel, Dean gets him to bring Castiel back. Castiel draws upon his power to smite the King of Hell, causing him to glow and his wings to appear. Castiel tries to reassure Dean that Sam will be okay when the blood is out of his system, but Dean leaves. He wants Dean to help him find Raphael, the archangel who killed Castiel. He heals Dean, then takes them in pursuit of the two boys they 'rescued' because they are monsters. Kelly slides across the front seat to the driver's side, starts the car, and drives off with Castiel to the sandbox. Crowley, to everyone's shock, offers to help Castiel and give him more time against Lucifer. Six weeks after Dean's disappearance, Castiel joins the effort to find him by meeting with the demon Kipling for any leads that Hell might have. Castiel and Raphael argue, with Raphael insisting that God is dead. Cas agrees and makes eye contact with the other angel. He gives Castiel an FBI badge and straightens his tie. Suddenly a bright light streams through the windows and shakes the ground, forcing Sam and Dean to hide behind furniture in the living room. by the Phantom Ghost Kid, arriving in time to witness the Impala and Mystery Machine beginning to race. Unable to heal an archangel, Castiel tries to jolt Gabriel's mind to awareness with his powers, but its Sam's pleas that seem to finally reach Gabriel who reabsorbs his grace before they get a threatening call from Asmodeus demanding that they turn Gabriel over to him. Bobby remarks that, now that they're in the pipes, the Leviathans will be able to travel anywhere. With the ghosts trapped, Castiel, Belphegor and the Winchesters bring the mother and daughter to the high school where the residents have been evacuated and convince them not to say anything about what they saw. When the angel Conrad tells Lily he always knew Castiel would have a bad end, Lily remarks that he deserved better; Conrad replies that he really didn't. He discovers he has a gift for healing. A year later, when Dean escapes Purgatory, Castiel is not with him, and Dean tells Sam that Castiel "didn't make it," having "let go" in Purgatory when things "got hairy" not long before Dean escaped. Uriel fights back, bringing Castiel to his knees. The leviathan reveals that they plan to take them to Eve so she can have revenge for killing her and her alphas. Suddenly, she kisses Castiel passionately while reaching inside his coat. Realizing that Dean has blocked out the truth, Castiel uses his powers to show him what really happened when Dean escaped, explaining that he wanted to stay in Purgatory as his penance and it was never Dean's fault, stunning Dean as Sam joins them. Dean and Sam are reunited in a Thanksgiving memory of Sam's that takes place in an old girlfriend's house. Castiel agrees, and admits to being "prideful" when he banished Raphael the next day, and started the war. It was only when Jack used a spell provided by Lily Sunder to cure his condition that his resurrection become permanent.

Outside Aldrich, Missouri, Castiel speaks with Dean on the phone, telling him he has checked everywhere and hasn't found a sign of Sam. It takes Castiel's form because its true form would drive any who perceived it insane, and it speaks in an eloquent accent. It is rapidly deteriorating and so, rather than finish them off, the leviathans retreat. Anna approaches him, explaining that she felt doubt before she left Heaven. Castiel is unable to wake the other victims or heal Amelia's injuries, something that disturbs him as he has never not been able to heal someone before.